If you’re single and looking to meet attractive women, you’re probably curious about your approach. Whether you get a few phone numbers every time you go out or you’re too nervous to approach a girl without staring at the floor, body language can be key in improving your game.

Read on for some extremely simple, yet often overlooked, body language tricks that will not only improve your chances with women, but will help you appear (and therefore feel) increasingly confident in everyday life.

Walking the Walk

Before you even spot an attractive women, they may have already spotted you. We’re naturally inclined to scan a room periodically, especially if we’re not already engaged in conversation. This means that while you haven’t spotted that cutie at the bar yet, she may very well have notice you the minute you walked through the door.

Be sure that this first impression is a good one. The body language used when walking is extremely important, since it lets the world know how confident you are before they meet you or talk with you. Practice walking with your shoulders back and lowered – hunching is a sure sign of insecurity. Slow your pace – you’re in no hurry! If possible, increase the length of your stride – but not to the point of being obvious. Long strides and a slower pace indicate extreme confidence, showing the world that you’re not rushed in any way.

Sitting – Not Slouching

When sitting down, body language is just as important. Practice sitting leaned back in your chair. Your legs can be apart or loosely crossed – just avoid crossing them tightly or holding your knees close together, as these poses indicate a closed-off attitude. Rest your arms on your chair, the bar or whatever is handy.

If you’ve spotted a group of attractive women and gotten one into a one-on-one conversation, your body language needs to change – but just a bit. Appearing too desperate is a big turn-off to an attractive women. Indicate your confidence by keeping your body relaxed. At the same time, however, lean into the conversation. Not only does this closeness allow you to actually hear each other in a crowded bar or club, but it creates a sensation of intimacy, even if you’ve only just met. You can take things further and lightly touch her on the arm during your conversation – this also creates feelings of intimacy and lets her know you’re interested.

Work the Angles

Whether you’re sitting down or standing up when talking with attractive women, your body language needs to tell them that you’re interested. One of the most common – and often subconscious – body language moves we make is to angle our bodies toward or away from people during conversation. Show attractive women you’re interested by angling your shoulders toward them, even if your hips and lower body are facing elsewhere. Likewise, do the same when seated. Women will subconsciously pick up on this body language “trick.” You can assess their level of interest by whether or not they mirror your actions.


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