If you’re trying to attract women, one of the last things you want to do is roll out those tired, supposedly funny pickup lines. Not only do they fail to work, but in all likelihood, you’re just going to annoy her and watch her walk away.

To truly attract women, you need a different approach. Creating a sense of attraction has nothing to do with funny pickup lines. It’s all about cultivating a connection, letting her know you’re interested, and then closing the deal with a smooth (but lighthearted) request for her phone number or a date. If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry – once you get the basics down, the rest flows smoothly.

Rethink Your Approach

One of your first steps to attract women is to see them as people, not as games to be won. Funny pickup lines are great for making people laugh – but they’re not going to win you any numbers or dates. Realize that the hot girl at the bar is a person just like you – she likes to have fun, she has interests and a life outside of the bar.

Once you realize this, it will become much easier for you to attract women. How would you like to be approached? Chances are good that it doesn’t involve funny pickup lines. It probably involves a sincere “Hello” and a few honest questions. Treat your dream girl with the same respect! Say hi, introduce yourself and let the conversation flow.

Realize Your Situation

In a bar, a club or at a party, you have a very short window of opportunity to attract women. This is why those funny pickup lines were invented in the first place – out of desperation. Since we know they don’t work, try another approach which takes advantage of your limited time together.

If you see a girl you’d like to know better, follow the basics of saying hello and introducing yourself. Two very solid and reliable next steps involve compliments and questions. Believe it or not, girls don’t want you to be clever or show off your pickup skills. They want you to be yourself! Some of the most successful relationships have started with a simple, slightly awkward but heartfelt “I think you’re beautiful.”

Tailoring a sincere compliment to fit your personal style and manner of talking can be all it takes to get that date!

Your other option is a question. This varies a great deal depending on the scenario. Find something immediately recognizable – the music playing is a great example – and ask her opinion. This can start a natural conversation rolling with very little effort on your part. As a bonus, it lets her see that you don’t need to resort to funny pickup lines – you can attract women just by being yourself!

The only time a pickup like should be used is in a joking context. If you’re having a great, humorous conversation, feel free to roll out a line to make her laugh. Just don’t make it your opening line.


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