Gone are the days where women would spend hours enhancing their looks.  Men have become equally cautious and they have started spending time in putting their outfits together. Modern men prefer to look dapper and suave for formal occasions whereas they would easily ditch the same look and opt in for funky or smart casuals when it is time to relax.

Increasing number of men have started focusing on having a diverse wardrobe. To be honest, just clothes won’t create the perfect look for you. You will need to accessorize your outfit to have women swooning over you. There is no dearth of classy and urbane accessories for modern men. The key is to get the right ensemble and accessories.  Here is a quick guide on how to accessorize men’s outfits.

1.  Watches: Watches are one of the most essential elements of any outfit. A watch can be often used as a style statement depending on your outfit and the way you carry the watch.  Suits are best accessorized with leather strap or metallic watches. Stick to basic dial tones of black and blue for formal wear.  If you are aiming at creating a style statement with your watch then keep all other accessories minimal.

2.  Necktie: Suits are incomplete without a tie. Tie definitely doesn’t have to be boring. In fact a slim tie can be quite a style statement. Club a satin slim tie in solid colours with crisp and razor sharp fitting suit and you are ready for the kill.

3.  Hats: Hats are back in fashion. You could pep up a formal suit with a bow-tie and bowler hat. Alternatively you could look cool by clubbing a baseball cap with your casual T-shirt on a hot summer day. Not to mention the fact that the cap will protect you from shade and also enhance your style quotient.

4.  Cuff links: Silver and gold cufflinks or sturdy cufflinks are a sign of a suave man. A cuff link can transform your passable suit into a designer item in a matter of minutes. Always choose cufflinks with muted style as bling is a passé.

5.  Belts: We could probably have volumes of advice on this crucial accessory. Belts with narrow buckles are in. They go perfectly with formal or casual outfit. Wide buckles take away the glamour from your outfit. Don’t forget the thumb rule is that your belt should match your shoes.  In case you are going in for a casual look then opt for belts that are patterned, braided or probably embossed. It is best to stick to black or brown belts for formal wear.

6.  Bracelets: Pair a sturdy sterling silver bracelet with a pair of crisp white shirt and denims and look ultra cool. Bracelets are an eternal piece of jewellery in a man’s closet. It is a good idea to experiment with bracelets however don’t cross the line and avoid extremely delicate or extremely chunky bracelets as they would look really tacky.

7.  Shoes: Last but not the least; ensure that you wear appropriate shoes for your outfit.


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