If you’re stuck figuring out what you want to do with your life, you’re seeking a mid-life career change or you’d simply like to know your options, the job market can seem almost overwhelming. Not only are there seemingly 60,000 variants on the same type of job, but each of those has a ridiculous number of applicants. They all boast the very same college degree you have, and similar past experience. Where to begin? Read on for some unusual but lucrative careers and jobs which you’ve probably never thought of pursuing.

Tower Technician

Ever wonder who sets up, fixes and maintains the multiple high-rise towers we rely on for phone, internet and many other everyday needs? Tower technicians, that’s who. The job isn’t for everybody, largely in part because it consists of climbing to dizzying heights on a regular basis. There are safety measures, of course, but many people get the shakes even thinking about making a living so high in the sky! This factor, however, leaves the industry rather wide open.

Air Traffic Controller

Profiled in a few movies but otherwise largely invisible unless something goes wrong, the air traffic controllers at airports around the world are responsible for the safety of countless travelers each day. Accordingly, the position is a lucrative one, with salaries averaging at $75,000 per year. If you enjoy the field of aviation but don’t want to suffer permanent jet-lag, this position may be the one for you. The low levels of recognition, high on-the-job pressure and burnout rate keeps applicant pools small. If you think you can handle the stress, this is one career that pays well for your sharp eye and quick reflexes.

Court Stenographer

You know those people you always seen in real-life and fictional crime television shows, sitting in the court room, typing like mad on something that looks…well…like no laptop you’ve ever seen before? Those are court stenographers, and those funny-looking machines are earning them serious bank for a relatively easy workday. Court stenographers average a $50K to $60K annual salary, with pay based on their desire to work longer hours and, to a point, the people with whom they work. Stenography is considered a trade, which means the training is far less expensive than a traditional university degree. As an added bonus, many stenographers can work from home, and court hours always lie strictly within a 9-5 workday.

Anesthesiology Assistant

Another job that has a smaller applicant pool simply because it’s lesser-known, an anesthesiology assistant is present during surgery and helps ensure that the proper doses of anesthetic medications are administered. They also monitor patients during surgery to check for reactions and prevent waking too early. This extremely lucrative career ($90K to $130K per year) requires pre-med undergraduate study and a two-year masters’ degree. However, university programs boast a nearly 100% job-placement rate, virtually guaranteeing a job as soon as you graduate.


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