If you’re considering a foray into online dating, you’re not alone. Seniors are taking to the internet like never before, and a whole new crop of dating sites have popped up to fill the void. Here you’ll find a few tips for making your online experience a great one.

Keep It Safe

Online, just as in the real world, women are taken advantage of more than men. There are exceptions, of course, but it still pays off to be alert and smart. When you’re just starting out, avoid adding anything to your profile that could be used to physically locate you. Keep this in mind when posting pictures – some women have been tracked down using a street sign in the background of a photo! In addition, don’t give out your last name or home phone number (this can also be traced to your address) until you’re entirely comfortable with somebody.

Brag A Little

Women have been told for years to keep things demure and self-effacing. The internet is NOT the place to do this! Potential matches can only see what’s on their screens, so be sure to play up your best attributes and accomplishments. While the reverse seems to be true for men, women on online dating sites attract more attention if they come off as being confident and assertive. Without being dishonest, paint the best picture of yourself possible. After all, that’s the real you!

Keep In-Person Meetings Cautious

Once you feel comfortable enough for an in-person date, keep making smart choices. Choose a crowded spot, and avoid letting your date get you alone. If they’re understanding and internet-savvy, they’ll understand completely.

Be Very Clear

People visit online dating sites for a variety of reasons. When it comes to seniors, most are seeking something serious, or at least with the potential to become serious. However, others are seeking a one-time intimate encounter, and others simply want a friend! Due to all the confusion and hurt feelings these different expectations can cause, be very up-front about what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Have Fun!

While sometimes it can seem like online dating is loaded with stalkers and other dangerous individuals, remember that the vast majority are just like you – regular people seeking romance. Be cautious, but remember to have fun at the same time. Flirt, experience the excitement of meeting people you would otherwise never have crossed paths with, and recapture some of those romantic feelings which are often lost over the years.


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