Celebrities look impossibly beautiful on television, in movies and on the red carpet. However, snagging their tips and tricks is far from impossible. Read on for some of the best (and most effective) celebrity tricks for amazing skin.

Frozen Beauty

Kate Hudson reportedly dunks her face into a bath of ice water on a regular basis. This move is effective in several ways. The cold temperature helps to reduce puffiness, unwanted redness and, although it sounds opposite, bring a beautiful rosy color to the cheeks. Experts warn, however, against using this trick too often. Freezing your face is too harsh for some types of sensitive skin, and dunking too often can actually leave you with a permanently reddened complexion, looking something like rosacea. Save this one for mornings when those bags just won’t budge.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

Facialist to the stars Christine Chin, whose clients include Hilary Swank, cautions her clients to never – ever – leave the house without sunscreen on their faces. Considering the mountains of research on sun damage, this is one rule you don’t want to break.

Do the Exfoliation Two-Step

Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville, who has worked on Anna Paquin is a big fan of combining a chemical peel and manual exfoliation. The facialist adds to follow up with a hydration treatment. This combination will reveal ultra-fresh, glowing skin – just don’t indulge too often, or you’ll risk damaging deeper layers of skin.

Look (Un)Polished in No Time

Parenthood star Joy Bryant is a fan of buffed nails. The actress appreciates both the look and the lack of work involved. To get the look, just find a nail buffer (inexpensive versions run about $5.00 in drugstores) and get to work. You can do the process dry, but adding a drop of cuticle oil brings out even more shine. Shape lightly with a fine-grain nail file and you’re out the door!

Gummed Up

Did the genetics fairy leave you with a bit too much gum-to-teeth ratio? Put an end to all gummy-smile photos by using Jessica Chastain’s trick – place and keep your tongue behind your teeth when smiling. The move utilizes facial muscles in a way that keeps your gums from showing.

Cool it Down

Christine Chin has another tip for facial fanatics – keep it cool. After a potentially harsh exfoliation or microdermabrasion treatment, Chin follows up with toner and a cooling facial mask. The combination can help calm the redness and even swelling which can appear after a treatment. While virtually any other cooling ingredient is fine, avoid facial masks with menthol. Although this ingredient creates a sensation of coolness, it is very harsh and could cause even non-sensitive skin to flare up.


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