Seeing celebrities on the red carpet, looking immaculate and impossibly gorgeous, it’s easy to think that ‘regular people’ could never look that great. In reality, nabbing those star-studded looks is easier than you realize! Read on for some of the most-desired celebrity looks and just how easy it is to create them at home.

Angelina Jolie’s Smokey Eye

A lot of celebrities rock the smokey eye, but few do it with the fierceness and apparent ease of Jolie. The smokey eye is also considered one of the hardest looks to master. In reality, this look is a snap to create. Better still, once you know the basics, you can make the look your own by swapping in different colors for the traditional blacks, silvers and grays.

Begin by priming your lids; concealing any dark circles and curling your lashes (skip if you’re wearing falsies).

Color A – Choose your dark base color, fill in your lids (lashes to crease) and line your lower lash lines. Use a small, rounded brush on lids, a small angled one on lash lines.

Color B – For extra drama, create a sideways “V” on the outer corners of lids using a complementary shade.

Color C – Highlighting really makes the smokey eye pop. Choose a complementary shade (silver with cool colors and gold with warm are universally flattering) and hit under the brow bone, along with a very light dusting of color at the inner corners.

Finish up by lining your eyes (black is classic), highlighting your brow bone (and the inner corners if desired) and adding loads of non-clumping black mascara. Smudge out any obvious lines with a small, soft brush and you’re red-carpet ready!

Kim Kardashian’s Contours

In everyday life, we don’t all have flashbulbs going off in our faces 24/7. However, Kim K’s famous contouring is a fun look to try out for clubs and parties. You can find tutorials online for full-face contouring, but why not try out a ‘light’ version first?

All you’ll need is already in your makeup bag. Start with 3 shades of foundation: your regular shade, one darker and one lighter. The light/dark shades should only be one to two shades away from your regular shade. Add highlighter (liquid, cream or powder), foundation brushes and loose powder and you’re set!

Begin by applying your foundation as you normally do. Next, trace a line of the lighter shade from the tip of your nose to the bridge and across each cheekbone (suck in cheeks to find the exact right spot). Blend these shades together with a foundation brush, making sure no lines are visible.

Next, suck in your cheeks again and trace a line of the darker shade in the hollows. If you have a large forehead, you can reduce its appearance by adding a horizontal line there, as well. Blend like crazy. Use your highlighter to brighten up the areas you’ve lightened, and set the look with loose powder (avoid compacts). Check one last time to make sure no lines are visible, and congratulations! You’ve just created camera-ready bone structure!


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