Good looks and personality have gained prime importance in society. Good looking people find social acceptance with ease and hence everybody is trying to look their best these days. Sedentary lifestyle and takeaway food culture has created the challenge of obesity for several individuals.

Several workouts, lifestyle changes, slimming medicines and fad diets have mushroomed in recent years to counter the challenges faced by obese people. Dieting seems to be one of the most popular methods for shedding pounds.  Here are some important Do’s and Don’ts that should be kept in mind before you take up dieting for weight loss.


1. Drink lots of water: Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water is essential for keeping your body hydrated. It is important that you drink sufficient water when you are dieting so that your body is able to burn fat. Water retention is one of the biggest reasons that you fail to lose weight, so don’t deprive yourself of water.

2. Eat nutritious food: You do not need to starve yourself when dieting. You should look into substituting your regular simple carb foods with healthy complex carbs. Sautéed veggies, steamed veggies, fresh fruit juices, low fat yoghurts, brown rice, wholemeal bread and the the likes are healthy substitutes that can be consumed when you are on a weight loss plan.

3. Follow exercise regimen: Dieting alone won’t help you to shape up. You need to combine workouts with dieting to sculpt your body hence it is important that you follow a disciplined exercise regimen.

4. Balanced diet: Dieting would not require you only to munch on salads. It is best that you ensure that you take care of all the nutritional needs for your body. Ensure that your diet has the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential fats.


1. Starve: Crash dieting or starving won’t help you to lose weight. You would gain double the weight once you start eating normally because your body is habituated to converting your intake in fats and store them as future energy storage. It is a good idea to eat several smaller meals instead of two or three large meals as that will keep you satiated for longer time.

2. Skip your exercise schedule: Ensure that you maintain a routine exercise schedule. Avoid under-exercising or over-exercising as it will not work in your favour either way. Include brisk walking or jogging as a part of your warm-up schedule.

3. Ready to eat food: Avoid consumption of processed foods or ready to eat foods as they are high on calories. Avoid substituting water by drinking tea, coffee or soft drinks. Soft drinks are empty calories. When on a diet, it is important to restrain yourself from eating products that are high in sugar. So next time, you want to satiate your thirst, pick up some fresh juice instead of your regular cola.

4. Skip breakfast: Skipping breakfast is the biggest mistake that you can make when on a diet. Breakfast helps you to gain required energy that sustains you throughout the day. Skipping breakfast will lead to binge eating, which is definitely not good for your weight loss program.

Take these do’s and don’ts into consideration when dieting and you will be sure to reach your goal weight in no time!


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