If you’re struggling in the dating world, consulting with a dating coach is a very common consideration. After all, dating is their business, and they have a wealth of dating advice to offer. In addition to the regular do’s and don’ts of the dating world. Here, we’ll take a look at the disadvantages and advantages of these specialized coaches, helping you determine if consulting one is the right step for you.


What is a Dating Coach?

Simply put, a dating coach is like a life coach who specializes in helping single people. Those people may be searching for a soul mate, trying to get out of a negative dating rut, or simply trying to meet interesting people. Whatever the reason, there are dating coaches who specialize in certain areas, as well as those who offer dating advice for all types of situations.

Do You Need Coaching?

If you’re considering a dating coach, you’re probably frustrated in some way with your current love life. Your first step in determining whether you need a coach or not is realizing what’s wrong. If you truly have no idea, try asking your friends. If you’re still stuck, a coach is probably a good idea – they have lots of experience and expertise, and will likely be able to help you pinpoint the issue.

If you know what your dating issue is, consider whether or not you’ve actively tried to solve it in the past. If the answer is no, try taking some concrete steps on your own before consulting a coach. If the answer is yes, then it may be time to take some professional dating advice.

General Dating Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve heard it a billion times before, but the best dating advice out there truly is to simply be yourself. Trying to be somebody you’re not is doing yourself a huge disservice. You’re essentially telling yourself that you’re not good enough! In addition, a lie is no way to begin a relationship. Be yourself from the get-go, and things will be much better down the line.

With that out of the way, there’s nothing wrong with polishing yourself up a bit. If you feel that your clothes, hair or other grooming habits may be keeping people at bay, give yourself a once-over and change what you feel needs changing. Often, the confidence boost this brings – not the changes themselves – are enough to bring those dates rolling in!

The art of conversation is also one of the best pieces of dating advice you’ll ever receive. If necessary, take a class (yes, they exist!) on this almost-lost art, and learn how to truly engage and entertain another person without external help. A sparkling conversationalist is a plus in any social situation, and especially on a date.

Your Bottom Line

If you feel that you need dating advice, the first place you turn should be to your closest friends and family members. If, however, this hasn’t worked for you, by all means consider a dating coach. Be sure to check out their credentials first, as well as look at previous client reviews. Once you’ve found one with a solid reputation, try out their advice. This is their business, after all – they really do know what they’re talking about. Don’t discount any advice without giving it a try. Remember that the best advice in the world doesn’t mean a thing unless you implement it!


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