Reading through some popular dating advice articles today can be scary. According to these articles, how to attract and be attractive to men is a dizzying maze of cosmetic wizardry, silly mind games and covering up your real personality. What positive, long-term relationship could possible result from all that?

Here, we’ve gathered together some of the best real-world dating advice for women who want to be themselves, be honest and find an amazing partner.

Be Yourself

Yes, you’ve heard this before. However, many of today’s women still have trouble putting it into practice. Imagine you run into a really great guy while you’re out jogging. You obviously have something in common, and he cracks a really funny joke while you’re both taking a breather in the park. You’re all hot and sweaty, however, with no makeup on and your hair in a messy ponytail. Unfortunately, this is enough for many women to write off that great guy before even giving him a chance.

Truly being yourself means not hiding the real you – messy hair and all. According to many surveys and scientific tests, men are not attracted to heavy makeup and perfect hair. They definitely appreciate it, in the right context (on a date or at a club), but they’re not turned off by a “naked” face either. Shying away if you meet a guy when you’re not 100% “ready” is a huge mistake, and could end up costing you a great relationship.

The same dating advice for women applies to your personality. If you’re a loud, joke-cracking, crazy girl around your friends, that’s awesome! You’re comfortable in your own skin. Don’t make the mistake of turning shy and demure around a guy. Not only will you become frustrated with the mask you’ve constructed, but that guy is bound to wonder what happened to the loud, funny girl he first met. Be yourself – truly yourself – from day one, and you won’t have to worry about the consequences.

Keep Your Standards

Having an ideal guy in your mind is great – as long as the things that make him ideal are on the inside. Forget about an image – it’s what’s inside that really counts.

With that covered, some of the best dating advice for women concerns standards. Everybody’s are different. For one woman, looking at another girl may be a deal-breaker, while for others it’s no big deal. Don’t compare yourself to anybody else – your standards are your standards.

Keeping to those standards while in a relationship is, believe it or not, a great way to attract and be attractive to men. No guy wants a woman he can walk all over. The good one won’t actually walk all over a woman they care about, but they can still sense that people-pleasing energy which many otherwise-confident women seem to put out once they’re in a relationship. Keep your standards high and your partner will respect you for it.

Confidence Counts

Nothing is more unattractive – to women or men – than somebody with low confidence. After all, if you don’t like yourself, why would anybody else?

Unfortunately, a great deal of dating advice for women seems determined to weaken confidence. This type of “advice” makes women feel as though they’re not good enough, pretty enough or whatever enough to attract quality men. In reality, confidence is consistently rated as one of the sexiest qualities a potential partner can have, by men and women alike. This means that a huge part of how to attract and be attractive to men is to like yourself first! If need be, watch some videos or even take classes on how to cultivate confidence – do whatever it takes, because self-confidence will help you in every single are of your life.


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