With loads of information regarding confidence available to us these days, it’s easy to become confused. There are several different types of confidence, and experts argue about what those types actually mean.

One type, however – core confidence – is widely regarded to be the most important when it comes to overall well-being and success in all areas of life, including meeting attractive women. Here, we’ll take a look at what core confidence really means, and how you can cultivate it in order to have a more successful love life.


What is Core Confidence?

To understand what core confidence is, it’s important to understand what it is not. It’s not the confident feeling you have when surrounded by friends or trusted colleagues. It’s not feeling great about doing well on an important project. It’s not looking at yourself in the mirror after a new haircut and thinking how good you look.

These are all examples of situational or external confidence. They are generated outside the mind, not within.

Core confidence is a stable, firm and unshakable realization that you – just you, without any fancy trimmings – are good enough. This is a much more powerful and useful type of confidence, because core confidence is steady regardless of whether you’ve just aced a job interview or been stood up on a date. External happenings don’t bother core confidence.


How Core Confidence Attracts Women

Attractive women love a confident man. This has been true throughout the ages, and it’s just as true today. While the definitions of a confident man may have changed slightly (don’t go overboard and order your date’s dinner for her!), the basics remain the same.

Confidence is alluring to attractive women simply because confidence is attractive. In fact, as you develop your core confidence, you’ll probably discover that all sorts of people want to be around you – men and women of all ages. Core confidence is magnetic. Unfortunately, most of us – at least to some degree – suffer with low self-esteem or insecurity. A truly confident man is attractive to everybody, because we all want to soak up some of that confident glow!

Attractive women are especially drawn to this type of man because they feel that they can be themselves around them. Many attractive women have experienced dating men who are insecure. These men become jealous because their date is attractive, and clingy, needy behavior follows. This is a big turn-off, and something which doesn’t happen when both partners are truly confident.


Cultivating Core Confidence

Take a long and hard look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel confident only when you’re in a comfortable situation? When you’ve performed well? When you feel that you look your very best? While there’s nothing wrong with feeling good in any of these situations, you need to increase your core confidence. You need to feel the same level of confidence when you’re in a room full of strangers, after being fired, and while looking run-down and bedraggled first thing in the morning.

Core confidence is all about recognizing what makes you special, while disregarding outside factors. Who are you? What are you good at (with regard to interpersonal skills and talents)? Do you see yourself as being created by a Higher Power? These can all be strategic key points of cultivating core confidence.

Once you’ve begun to realize that you are incredible without any external factors, you will begin to draw attractive women to you.


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