Dating is a thrilling experience in the life of most men and women, especially the first one. They spend hours on deciding what dress they should wear, along with the suitable accessories. It is also difficult for them to come up with interesting topics during their first meeting. Moreover, often it seems too difficult to start the conversation, if both feel a bit shy at that point in time.

You should never keep your mouth absolutely shut during a date, because this is the time when both of you can get to know one another a bit better. The first date builds a lasting first impression, it is then crucial that you both utilize the time wisely and let your guard down. This date will also determine the continuation of future dates. Thus it is the deciding period of each romantic relationship, whether or not it can be progressed in the future. The following are some of the interesting topics that can start a conversation during a date, between two interested parties and keep each other engaged during this period:

  • You can discuss about the greatest wonder that you have experienced in your earlier life as a child and ask his/her memorable childhood experience too.
  • Your favorite animal/s and any pets that you have.
  • Your favorite band now and in your childhood, as preferences may change with passing time; which may draw to the type of music that you love to hear now.
  • The types of food you have always loved and craved for. Also feel free to share any humorous cooking experiences or experimentations.
  • Your favorite movies which you have really enjoyed and what type of films you would like to see together with your date.
  • How much do you like your name and whether you would ever want to change it, if given an offer to adopt a new name.
  • Share celebrity idols with your date. Any actors and singers that stand out in your life.
  • Both of you can also share your wishes and dreams that you nurtured as a child or teenager.
  • Any life changing moments or miracles that have occurred in your life that have made your life better.
  • Your belief in ghosts, spirits or any supernatural powers, as described in horror films or books. You can also share your greatest fear with your date, and ask about their experiences.

Share as many humorous experiences as possible to lighten up the mood. Try to avoid negative experiences that you are angry about. However if these negative experiences have made you a better person today, it may be good to share. Also avoid political issues at all times in case your date has strong views against yours, which can lead to tension. Lastly, just be yourself and have fun!


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