People always look for a person who will be most suitable for him/her in sharing their lives together. But this compatibility factor is not easy to find out in a person, because quite rarely a person is found to be matching in all aspects with another. When dating, it is advisable to use your wisdom in deciphering their values and attributes to ensure that it aligns with your own.

When you seek a perfectly compatible partner for yourself, you look for quite a few factors, apart from the appearance of your partner:

  • Personality – Personality is one of the main compatibility factors, which cannot be overlooked at any cost. As it is very difficult to change one’s maturity level at an older age, it is better to check if it is similar to your own. Personality traits may include the talkativeness of your partner, how often they like to go out, decency or manners, temperament to get along with others peacefully.
  • Communication – You need to check if your partner is soft spoken or too outspoken that will be difficult for you to manage in later life. Also you need to see what type of conversation your partner is more interested in, and if it matches with your own interest.
  • Family and friends circle – You need to check the family background of your partner, as it will be reflected in his/her behavior as well. Both the family and the choice of friends show the character of any person, hence you can judge a person by checking his/her surroundings properly.
  • Life styles – The life styles of both the partners need to be compared and checked if they can go on together peacefully. If it is a mismatch, then they are sure to be arguing on simple day-to-day factors later in life.
  • The food habits – Often the food habits of both the partners vary, which can lead to confusion and arguments later in life. One may be vegetarian and other may be non-vegetarian; which can irritate both of them in future.
  • Health importance – Sometimes it is seen that one partner may be too health conscious in his/her daily life; while the other may be really careless, probably with habit of late night activities or net addiction. Hence the conflict of these two opposite-habited people will grow, leading to unrest in the family, if not checked in initial stages.
  • Financial equality – If both the partners are not from same financial background, one may tend to lean on the other for support, which may prove to be unhealthy in a relation. Also you must check the spending spree of your partner, which otherwise may irritate you when you live together.
  • Educational similarity – It is preferable that both of you share same level of education and interest; else it may lead to a conflict in later life due to mental complications of both of you.

Nevertheless, it depends on the mentality of both the partners that contribute to the compatibility among them; as they need to accept and compromise with many factors, if they really love each other.


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