When it comes to style, nobody does it quite like James Bond. Everyone’s favorite spy is the ultimate epitome of masculinity and sophistication — which probably explains why the ladies fall all over him on a regular basis. And it is not just because he has impressive skills and awesome gadgets, either. Mr. Bond, as we all know, is always dressed to kill and is always so well put-together – and yes, even when facing the most challenging situations. Well, though we can’t always be spies in Her Majesty’s service, we can, at least, replicate the flair and aura of this most fashionable gentleman spy. Here’s how.

The Suit

Really, it all starts in the suit — arguably, the real secret of 007’s success. James Bond has worn a variety of different suit brands and styles over the decades. But one thing remains the same, though – his suits are almost always dark. More specifically, within the charcoal to black spectrum.

Another thing that makes James Bond’s suits iconic is how incredibly well-tailored they are. Bond will never, ever be caught dead in an ill-fitting suit, nor in one that is of poor quality. So if you really want to get the 007 look, then investing in a high-quality dark suit that is preferably custom-made for the best fit is the best way to start.

The Shirts

Of course, you will need an equally chic shirt to go with such a fine suit. So naturally, shirts should be next in your agenda. As a spy, Bond did not always want to be noticed, so he always stayed away from shirts with flashy prints and colours, preferring instead to white. This makes the white shirt just as iconic as a 007 symbol as the suit. To achieve the most traditional Bond look, therefore, you can never go wrong with a white button-down dress shirt. And even more importantly, it should fit well, so you can move with ease and confidence, much like Bond himself.

Now, the most recent versions of the character have a more updated and modern wardrobe. In fact, Daniel Craig’s Bond has been observed to wear the occasional black shirt. This is also a very safe move. You may even be able to get away with some subtle stripes or patterns, as well. Though admittedly not entirely Bond-like, these would still be great additions to the repertoire.

The Tie

Over the years, Bond has worn a variety of different ties. One thing that these ties have in common is how understated they usually are. Ties in solid colours, or with light stripes, patterns, or texture are as 007 as you can get. Ditto with bow ties for fancy shindigs that call for tuxedos. As a rule of thumb, keep the tie simple. It should not overshadow the suit at all, but rather, merely complement it.

The Pocket Square

Not a lot of people notice, but Bond does consistently wear a white pocket square on his jacket with a basic square fold. And that’s the whole point of it – it should enhance the overall look of the suit without being overly flashy about it. This does not mean that you can’t go for a pop of colour. As long as it’s not too bright and in-your-face, then you’ve got your pocket square game on point.


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