No matter how great the venue is, if you are not sure of how you can make the most of yourself and the place then real world dating is not likely to work out well for you. These days we are all so used to online dating that many people feel out of practice at hooking up in person.

Today, the majority of Brisbane singles have used a dating site or app to find love. It is normal. Less than 20 years ago, using an online dating site was unusual, something that only social outcasts or the terminally shy would use – or that was the impression that was given by the media. In those days, almost everybody did their dating by meeting in real life. People went to bars and nightclubs or took part in social events.

Today, we swipe right.

Online dating has become the norm, millions of men and women are finding that even though it might look easy, online dating is tough. Over 80% of millennials surveyed said they would prefer to find love ‘in real life’ rather than online. Look out for some singles nights in Brisbane and start to ‘make it real’!


How You Can Get Ready For Some Real World Slow Dating


The biggest part of being ready for real world dating is mental preparation. For all its faults, online dating, particularly with apps such as Tinder, the biggest plus point is the instant gratification. Swipe right, swipe right and then, a few seconds or minutes later the sound of somebody returning the favour.

If online dating is fast, then real world dating is slow dating, and it can be hard work.

When you are going out on the singles scene, in Brisbane or anywhere else, you’re going to need to present yourself well. Brisbane dating can be scary, but online, the top 10% of men or women get all the attention. It can be hard for ordinary folks to get any attention. In the real world, things are different. In the real world, you can easily see that somebody might be carrying a few extra kilos, but that he’s a genuine, friendly guy. She might be a little older than he might typically go for, but she’s got lovely legs.

It’s time to do a self-assessment, and work to your strengths. Accentuate the positives and, most of the time, the negatives will never be noticed!

The last thought to make about preparation is this: men looking for women and women looking for men. If you want to meet singles in Brisbane just get your head around the idea that every single man, or woman, is looking for the same things that you are. Everybody’s doing it, everybody wants the same things.


How Can Women Encourage Men To Approach Them?


It always seems strange that women are not expected to approach men. Why should it be that men should do the asking all the time? Many men love it when a woman makes the first move. If you like the look of a guy, then why not say hello? Chances are he will be flattered as hell, and a little surprised. So, try it – it might be fun.

If you prefer to play the game more conventionally then here are the top three tips help a guy to make contact with you.


1. Smile don’t frown!

Guys are already nervous about approaching women. If you are standing there with a face like thunder, then they are likely to just walk on by. There’s no need to overdo it, but a friendly smile is a massive encouragement to men.


2. Look your best

Men are visual creatures; they can’t help it. When a man is in a crowded room and sees you, all that he has to go on is how you look. But here’s the dating secret of the ages: a man might approach you because of how you look, but he will stay and get to know you because of how you are. The looking good thing – vital. But only for those first few seconds. Just as you know within a few seconds if you are interested in a guy, so too, guys are the same with women. When it comes to the good looking thing, it isn’t all about high heels, short skirts and lots of makeup. Your health and vitality are at least as necessary and for many guys, even more so.


3. Get your girlfriends out of the way!

It is great to go out with other single women, Brisbane bars love groups! Going out in a group stops you from feeling lonely and makes for a fun night, but a group can get right in the way. Sometimes they might be jealous, sometimes just being overprotective, but so often your girlfriends will shut him down, or keep you away from him and that’s not good.

Be clear with the girls, if you are talking to a guy then you are with him. They shouldn’t disturb you or block the two of you.


How Can Men Start a Conversation With a Woman In a Bar?


It’s tough, right? The nervousness, will she won’t she, what can I say, how to avoid coming off like a jerk? The first thing to remember is that she is probably looking for the same as you are, she’s looking for single men, Brisbane is full of them and you might be hers. Secondly, if she is rude to you then she is not somebody that you’d have wanted to know anyway. That said, there are some things that you can do to up the odds in your favour. If you master these three pointers, then you will be on your way to doing better than most guys!


1) Observe and approach

Wait until she is not talking to anybody and then just go up to her and, speaking in a voice a little louder than the background noise, tell her (confidently) that you think she looks amazing. Her response will tell you if she has any interest. If not, then no harm, no foul, and move on. Most girls don’t get told they look amazing very often. But here’s the trick, you need to be prepared to tell her what you think is so amazing about her. Every woman knows they have some good feature. Your task is to identify what that is. If you get that right, she’s going to love you! But for sure you need to have an answer. To bluster and flub your reply is to lose the game right away!


2) The eyes are the window to the soul

Make eye contact with her. When she looks at you make sure that you are looking at her. If she is smiling whenever you make eye contact, then things are going well. Most women know within a minute or so if a guy has a chance. If you are still talking after a couple of minutes, then she has already made her choice, and all you need to do is not mess it up!


3) Take her back to high school

Another way to approach, especially if you are at the bar together, is to write a little note on a cocktail napkin and pass it to her. Something simple like ‘I’d like to get to know you.’ It’ll take her back to high school, and she will love it. As a bonus tip: after the message, write a question, something like ‘what do you think?’. A question makes it clear that you expect her to reply and to start a conversation. If there’s no answer, then smile and move on.


Singles Events in Brisbane – Fun and Easier!


Going to a bar or club is great, but there’s one big problem: there’s a good chance that the person you are interested in is already in a relationship or is not ready for one. Rejections, or no contacts, can be demoralising. Singles nights in Brisbane can shortcut all the uncertainty. At a singles event, everybody is there for the same reason – meeting singles in Brisbane. There’s no uncertainty when you approach someone. If you like each other then bingo, hook-up.

Many people have been in relationships for a long time, sometimes many years and now find themselves alone. The bar singles scene can be very tough for a woman or man particularly for those no longer in their 20s or 30s. Our singles events really can make getting back into the dating scene much more relaxed. There’s no more rejection on dating sites, no more swiping right but getting nothing back. All the tips shared earlier apply, but now you can try them on people that have the same goals and needs as you.

Click the link below, join our next Brisbane dating event and soon you’ll be going out for dinner for two rather than buying ready meals for one!

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