Have you noticed that people don’t seem to mind being single these days? Oh yes, you would probably come across the occasional single guy or girl, bemoaning his or her lack of romantic prospects. But it is definitely worth mentioning that this has become less common of late.

So what is going on? Are people becoming more and more jaded that they have simply given up on relationships? Or have they found a pursuit that is so much worthier of their love and affection? You’d be surprised to know that it is, more often than not, the latter. You’d be even more surprised to know that it is their – wait for it! – careers that are keeping them deliciously occupied. That’s right, their careers!

Truly, gone are the days when one’s job was no more than just a means to an end, a way to put food on the table, a cash cow. These days, the job has now become the ultimate diversion. The fact that it makes money has even become nothing more than a caveat. And we all know that it’s true love when that happens.

So why are more and more people foregoing love in favor of their careers these days? Let us examine the reasons.

1. A career is low maintenance.

Compared to the stress of dating and sustaining a relationship, that is. This is because your job knows what to expect of you, and you know what to expect of it. Plus, it only demands what you are capable of giving. Best of all, you always have a pretty good idea of where you stand at any given time. You cannot say the same for most relationships, especially when you’re still dating.

 2. A career reciprocates.

You will not have to think twice about giving your job all you’ve got because you know you will always be justly compensated for it. And on schedule, too! With relationships, on the other hand, you could end up giving someone all your time, money, and soul before you know it. But whether or not you would get any reciprocation for your trouble would still be up in the air.

 3. A career gives you space.

Though your job will demand quite a great deal of your time, it will also give you enough left over to enjoy other things. On average, it will demand 8 hours of your time every day, 5 to 6 days a week. After that, you’re home free! And all-nighters are pretty rare, too. Dating, on the other hand, demands hours and hours of preparation and small talk and endless effort. Sometimes, a date could cling for days, weeks, or even months. Other times, they just don’t leave at all! (Though sometimes, this can be a good thing.)

 4. A career won’t break your heart.

At least, not deliberately. And you will have everything in your power to prevent any potential heartbreak from happening. All you have to do is work hard and deliver your end of the bargain, and you’ve found your ever after. Now, if only love weren’t as fickle.


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