Walking is considered as a green exercise that is less expensive, highly beneficial and the most convenient way to stay healthy. The benefits of walking are just amazing and one hardly realizes how it works to keep you so happy and protect you from innumerable diseases. As everything has to be done in a methodical way, walking at a considerable pace and for the required amount of time will only yield results.

Today, life has become so hectic and tedious, that you naturally become a prey to diseases like hypertension, arthritis, cardiac problems, diabetes and many others. Researchers have found out that walking can combat and control many health problems quite effectively.  Walking is a single therapy that has proved to change the lives of many ailing people.

Here are some of the benefits that will prove how a walk a day can keep the doctor away:

1.  Walking reduces anxiety and depression. A walk through green spaces creates a meditative state of the mind that lowers stress.

2.  Regular walks help to control blood pressure as well as diabetes. Diabetics are always advised to walk briskly every morning and evening to maintain sugar level.

3.  Walking improves the immune system. Metabolism capacity improves allowing you to digest and utilize the food that you eat properly.

4.  Walking greatly helps to reduce weight. As you sweat, the extra fat that is not absorbed by the body is burned out. Obesity problems become lesser as well.

5.  It is an important way to reduce progression of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

6.  Damages caused by sitting for long hours are reversed by walking. The clogged arteries and inactive muscles are rejuvenated by regular walks.

7.  It has been proven that walking increases creativity. After a walk in open space, the fresh air livens up your spirits and energizes you to do something new, something unique.

8.  Certain risks like breast cancer and cardiac problems are lowered by walking every day.

9.  The mind becomes fresh when you are tired or disturbed for some reason.

10.  When you walk alone, you analyze your mind and your thoughts and solve many problems that had remained unsolved inside the closed doors.

Walking is like a miracle drug that changes your world of thinking and living. If you are happy inside, you will surely be your best outside too. Your health is in your hands and so a walk a day will surely keep the doctor away.


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