Here’s an all too common scenario. You take a special lady out on a date. You hit it off quite well, and you deem the date to be a real success. So you send her a text message, telling her how you had such a great time so you want to arrange a second date, or even just to see how she is – easy, peasy. Well, 24 hours later, she still hasn’t texted you back. Your mind is definitely blown, and not in a good way.

Well, you might be surprised to know that there are quite a good number of reasons why a woman is not texting you back. These can range from the realistic to utter BS. Let’s start with the BS.

 1. She doesn’t have her phone. Come on, what woman in this day and age isn’t glued to her cellphone 24/7? Granted, she may, on occasion, accidentally leave her phone at home or at the office for a spell. But a full 24 hours later? Doubtful.

 2. She lost her phone. Really, what are the odds of this happening? Not large, to be honest.

 3. She hasn’t been feeling well. In the real world, women tend to catch up on the social networks and various other correspondences during their downtime, including when they’re sick. So if she’s really interested in you, there’s absolutely no way that she would miss that chance to check in and tell you that she’s sick. Unless, of course, it’s something completely debilitating, but again, what’s the probability of that happening?

 4. She’s busy. Nobody is too busy that they can’t take ten seconds to read and respond to a text message. NO ONE. And as far as excuses go, this is probably the lamest of all.

So what is really going on here? It’s time to take a reality check.

 1. She lost interest in you. Perhaps the “great date” that you thought you had wasn’t as great and successful for her as it was for you. Maybe she got bored, or she just didn’t feel the chemistry. Hey, it happens.

 2. She really wasn’t interested in the first place. You might wonder, if this is the case, why did she give her number to you in the first place? Well, the fact of the matter is women are generally polite, and sometimes, for them, it’s easier to just give out a number and go on a date, than to outright reject someone. Again, it happens.

 3. She’s actually talking to other guys. This sounds pretty harsh, but it’s actually a thing with a lot of women today – they like to keep their options open. If she’s already talking to other guys aside from you, then the chances are higher that you could end up on the back burner. It’s terrible, but it’s reality.

 4. She was offended by something you did or said. And if she never talks to you again, you may never know what it was.

 5. She lacks common courtesy. Women are wonderful, but there are some who can be rude and inconsiderate with no regard for other people’s feelings. She could be this kind of person; hence, the reason why she hasn’t even done you the courtesy of turning you down outright. It’s also possible that she’s one of those women who are so afraid of that kind of conversation that she’d just choose to ignore you in the hopes that you’ll take the hint and go away.

As we said, it happens. So if a girl doesn’t reply to you within 24 hours or more, it might be time to cut your losses and move on.


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