Creativity is not what you earn; creativity comes from what you learn. Creativity can never be bought, it can only be sought. Creativity is not a money deal rather it’s an enthusiastic zeal. Creativity has always been on the heights and sought by the world’s best for their inspiration and creations. It’s never been easy to be creative and find a surplus amount of thoughts to carve them in the real world. Let it be music, art, gaming, graphics or multimedia, creativity exists in nature all around.

Many times, we get stuck in the rut of our mundane activities and we are unable to think out of the box. If you feel creative thoughts are eluding you then it is about time that you use the following 7 tips to increase your creativity.

1. Inspiration Leads Towards Perfectness & Completeness:

Inspiration is that to a creator, what water is to fish and rain is to drought. Always try to find out your inspiration. It can be found in music, people, nature, a memory or in a particular situation. It leads you to an immense flow of creative ideas and you can switch on creativeness on demand.

2. Never Feel Tired, Seek Creativeness all Around:

A famous painting hung in an exhibition has hundreds of rough sketches and thousands of rejected work pieces behind the wall. To be creative you need to be motivated and seek it all around you, try to put yourself in extreme situations which require creativity.

3. Daydreaming, The Secret to Creativity Wonders:

Commit your efforts towards your goal and just try to think the positive outcomes of it. Feel the wonder and joy of your success because it’s our dreams which lead and fetch us the creativeness every minute of your dreams. Just try it and feel the difference.

4. Seek Better, Steal the Best:

Good seeks better, better looks ahead to best and the best watches the genius of the field. Always seek a step up in the field. Creativeness sprouts from your surrounding masters. Make yourself surrounded with the excellence and steal the ideas, not the work piece of course.

5. Dive in Ocean, Not the Well:

Don’t limit yourself to the boundaries; it’s a global world with the folded hands seeking for your best. Just grab them whole, not only a limited arena for your creativeness. Use your in-built confidence for the sake of improvement in other fields of creativeness too.

6. Amusement is Good, but in Small Intakes:

Though amusement brings the creativity out of you, new ideas, new plans and new theories shown through amusement sources undoubtedly serves you with new plans but it hampers the creativity and uniqueness which may sprout out of your mind.

7. Positivity, A Track Towards Success:

Creativity is what a positive mind can produce, though negativity in some of the rarest cases brings some creativity but, positivity always spur creativity. It acts as a mood booster and helps you travel between ideas and swing between plans which after all brings a creativeness and is an unparalleled source of creativeness throughout the span of time.


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