Of all the things dieters wish for, perhaps the most common is to lose that stubborn stomach fat which accumulates over time. This age-old complaint isn’t just about looking good in skinny jeans – belly fat has been linked to a frightening host of chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Read on for the best ways to lose weight naturally, fast and in a healthy manner.


You’ve probably gotten tired of hearing about protein diets by now. While there’s no proven medical need to go full-on Paleo, there are loads of health benefits to adding more protein to your diet. One of the biggest is the reduction of stomach fat.

As we age (the process actually begins around age 30), the typical Western diet takes its toll. Our bodies slowly become insulin resistant, which is a precursor to diabetic syndrome. As a result, we produce more insulin. Insulin triggers the body to store up fat, and it’s favorite place to do that is around the midsection.

While eating a healthier diet will help curb insulin resistance, eating more protein in particular has been shown to help reduce stomach fat. Experts aren’t certain, but they suspect it plays a role in helping the formation of muscle, which in turn burns calories more effectively so they can’t be stored as fat. Be sure to choose the best types of protein. These include organic and responsibly farmed choices, beans and wild-caught fish.

Cut Out Carbs and Sugar

If you want to drop stomach fat fast, you may want to consider cutting these belly fat-friendly foods out of your diet, at least for a little while. Whole grains are great for your overall health. It’s the refined carbs and processed sugars you need to avoid, as they contribute to insulin resistance.


Target Your Core

Forget about sit ups when it comes to losing weight naturally, fast and in a relatively easy way – these outdated exercises in torture have finally been proven ineffective. They do get the job done, but there are much better ways. To really blast stomach fat while you improve the abs waiting to surface underneath, try high-intensity core moves like planks combined with jumps.

Dress Your Salad

Although it sounds too good to be true and should only be used as a supplement to proper diet and exercise, plain old vinegar just might hold some keys to losing stomach fat. Japanese research showed a significant loss in belly fat after test subjects added just two tablespoons per day to their diet. A nice vinaigrette will do the trick!


Hard-Core Aerobics

While slower aerobic activities are great for overall health, to really get rid of that stomach fat, you need to up the pace a bit. Studies have shown that short, intense bursts of exercise – such as sprints – are more beneficial for both fat loss and muscle gain. You’ll lose weight naturally, fast and in a way that benefits your whole body. Be sure to check with your doctor, and choose an activity within your current fitness range to avoid injury.


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