Decided to seek out the advice of a seasoned and experienced dating coach? Great! Far from being the “desperate” last resort many people imagine, these professionals are excellent ways to up your dating game and get some dating and relationship tips you may never have thought of on your own.

Choosing a dating coach or relationship coach needs to be approached in a responsible way. You wouldn’t pick out a doctor or dentist simply because their name caught your eye, would you? Of course not – and it’s silly to pick a coach this way. Read on for our best tips on choosing the right dating coach.

What’s the Difference?

In some cases, there isn’t a different – many dating coaches also offer relationship advice. However, there are those who specialize in each field. A dating coach is geared more toward helping you increase your quality and, sometimes, quantity of dates. Their advice may include a broad number of topics, including generalized dating and relationship tips, ways to improve your appearance, the art of conversation, the best date spots and much more.

A relationship coach, on the other hand, offers advice to people already in a relationship. They are usually used in the beginning stages of relationships. Once a relationship has transitioned into a full-on long-term experience, a couples’ counselor is often the better choice. Relationship coaches can be invaluable, however, to those who have questions about navigating the often-tricky waters of new relationships. Their advice may include ways to broach sensitive topics, when to take things to a new level, how to introduce a new sweetie to your friends and family, and many more random, yet important, topics.

Finding the Best of the Best

Seeking out a dating coach or relationship coach isn’t difficult, but it should include some research.


1 – Ask Around

You can start by asking friends who’ve used this type of service in the past. If you don’t know anybody who has – or if you feel awkward asking – try searching online.


2 – Check the Web

A reputable dating or relationship coach will have a website. It may not be fully interactive or dazzling to look at, but it should be there. A professional with no web presence may be a scam artist.


3 – Get Personal

Once you’ve found a few choices, contact them personally. Ask about their process, and of course their fees. Perhaps most importantly, ask if they offer reviews from past clients. These first-person accounts can be incredibly informative. Somebody who looks great as far as credentials go may be a wonderful coach – but their style may not work with your personality. Reviews can help you avoid this.

4 – Interview Each Other

Since dating is such a personal thing, trying to work with somebody whose personality is very different from your own can end up being a frustrating, drawn-out and ultimately costly failure. Be choosy from the start to ensure you end up with a coach you get along with.


5 – Know When to Cut the Cord

Your final step in the world of coaching is knowing when to end the professional relationship. Often, it only takes a few sessions to determine where your dating life has gone wrong, and then take the steps to fix it. Once you feel that you can get back out there on your own, do so. Clinging to your coach may feel safer in the short term, but it can create an unhealthy illusion that you’re somehow unable to date on your own.


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