Setting up a home gym is a great way to save money and encourage yourself to work out more regularly. However, the cost of buying everything new can be pretty steep. Purchasing used gym equipment is an excellent way to save cash, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Read on for our best tips on purchasing used gym equipment that’s a good value – not just a good deal.

Test Everything Before Buying

While it can be tempting to simply hand over the cash when you spot a perfect-looking treadmill at a yard sale, it’s a big mistake. Used gym equipment which looks perfectly fine can still be broken or damaged.

If the item in question needs electricity, ask to plug it in and try it out. If it doesn’t, hop on board and test it out in every way which you might use it at home. If everything checks out, be sure to get close to the ground and inspect any screws, nuts and bolts which are holding the item together. If these items are loose or missing, it’s not a deal breaker, but it’s best to know before the item collapses onto itself – or you!

Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

Virtually every venue for used gym equipment, whether it’s online or IRL, is an acceptable place to haggle. If the owner is extremely firm on their price, they’ll most likely put this in the ad or tell you right away. If not, feel free to throw out a bid. Be sure to start at a lower price than you’re prepared to pay, since this gives the owner space to raise the bid a little. However, don’t start out with an extremely low-ball price. This insults the owner and actually lowers your chances of getting any type of deal whatsoever. If possible, learn about the typical going rate for the item you’re hoping for before you begin dealing.

Check Out Every Venue

Each different venue for used gym equipment comes with its own disadvantages as well as advantages. Buying online, for example, is extremely convenient, but doesn’t give you the chance to try before you buy. You may also run into very high shipping fees, which can negate even the best price.

On the other hand, buying in person limits your selection. You may not realize that the very same treadmill you’re buying at one yard sale is being offered at a different sale across town for a lower price.

Ask People Who Know

If you’re brand-new to buying used gym equipment, don’t be afraid to ask people who are familiar with the products you’re interested in purchasing. A great place to start is your local fitness center. The employees will be knowledgeable about a wide variety of different machines.

Take Things Slow

Putting together an entire fitness center – even a home version – can be expensive. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing all your used gym equipment in a few days or weeks. Take the time to research brands and find the best deals, in addition to discerning which pieces you really need, and those you can do without.


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