People who are trying to lose weight often run into obstacles. Sometimes the problem is obvious, and can be remedied fairly simply. Other times, however, it’s something you can’t quite put your finger on – literally. Sometimes, when you can’t figure out your obstacle to losing weight, the problem really is all in your head. Having an improper weight loss mindset is one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss, and one that few weight loss programs address. Read on for five excellent ways to set your mind on your goal – and keep it there!

Creating Optimal Health

Losing weight is, of course, a healthy goal – but your thoughts about health shouldn’t stop at counting calories. In order to create an effective weight loss mindset geared toward general health, picture yourself living the healthy lifestyle you crave. This could include eating healthier meals on a regular basis, working out at least several times per week, or taking up other healthy endeavors like quitting smoking. Be very clear when you picture this idealized life, and focus on that picture whenever you feel the urge to cheat or skip a workout.


Living Better for Family

Our loved ones are powerful motivators when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight. We want to be around to watch our children – and grandchildren – grow up, and we can’t do that if we’re bogged down by chronic health issues created by obesity. Creating a family-centered weight loss mindset is often more effective than even the most punishing of weight loss programs, because it offers positive rewards instead of grueling, painful workouts. The workouts are still there, but they have a positive background.

Avoiding a Particular Health Issue

Another great weight loss mindset for some is the avoidance of a particularly worrisome health issue. Perhaps your father died early of a heart attack brought on by poor diet. Cancer runs in many families, and is made more common by obesity and its related conditions. Cultivate a mindset which sees every healthy meal, workout and choice as being directly related to avoiding this health issue and creating optimized health. This type of weight loss mindset can also be used to avoid a drastic measure such as weight loss surgery.


Fitness Goals

A very common motivator – and one that has worked for countless individuals – is to picture yourself completing a particularly challenging physical feat. Running a marathon is a great motivator, and a very common goal. Yours can be anything you like, however. It can be as simple as completing a really tough workout, or as lofty as climbing a mountain. Whatever gets you going will do the trick. Picture it clearly, and keep it in mind as you diet and train.

Appearance Goals

There are some who would call appearance goals rather shallow, but who cares? If it motivates you to get off the couch, it’s a positive thing! Whether it’s a new bikini, little black dress or pair of jeans that you can’t quite fit into, picture yourself slipping it on with ease. These goals can also focus on a particular event you want to look your best for, like a beach party next year or a high school reunion. Picture yourself looking your very best, and the steps to achieve that goal will become much easier to take.


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