They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you will find your prince (or princess). Or you can just skip that entire tedious and often demoralizing process, and just learn to attract your ideal mate into your life. And yes, it can really be done, and it will surely save you a lot of time and heartache. Not only that, being with the right partner will make your life a lot more awesome and stress-free, so it is, indeed, a worthwhile pursuit. Here are some of the most surefire ways you can do just that.

 1. Know what you want.

First of all, you can’t attract your ideal mate if you don’t know what you want in a partner. As cheesy as it may sound, the best way to figure this out is by simply writing down the things that you want in a person. Realistically, you can’t expect one single person to embody everything that you want, so you need to identify which qualities are negotiable and which ones aren’t. You can even make a list of deal breakers. Just identify the things that you feel strongly about that may cause problems in the relationship down the line.

 2. Look your best.

The fact of the matter is attraction starts in appearances, so you have to start there. After all, humans are generally very visual creatures. While what’s inside counts more, it’s the outside that gets you noticed in the first place. So make yourself as attractive as you can be. Take care of your body, first and foremost. It never hurt anyone to be healthy, anyway. Then dress in styles that suit you and you’re comfortable in. You will be surprised how looking good and feeling good can help you attract your ideal mate.

 3. Increase your magnetism.

If you want to attract your perfect partner, you have to make yourself attractive in turn, as well. After all, this goes both ways. This goes beyond the physical. Basically, if you want someone who is financially secure, you have to be the same, as well. Ditto with someone who is fit, has a great job, well-traveled – the list could go on and on. If you want to attract someone with the qualities that you desire, then you should also have something to offer in return.

 4. Have a great sense of humour.

When it comes to romantic relationships, a wonderful sense of humour is everything. After all, nobody can ever resist someone who makes them laugh. Be someone whose presence lights up a room because that is the kind of person that people just can’t resist wanting to be with. Having an irresistible sense of humour, therefore, will go a long way in helping you attract your ideal.

 5. Pursue your interests.

In order to attract the right mate, you need to get into that person’s radar. Chances are you will want to be with someone who has the same interests as you do, so take the time to pursue your hobbies. Play sports, volunteer, attend events – basically, just put yourself out there! It’ll only be a matter of time before you cross paths with your ideal mate.


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