A weight loss plateau is one of the most frustrating aspects of a new, healthy lifestyle. In the beginning – for many people, at least – the pounds come off easily and new, lean muscle is revealed. Life is good! Then, however, they hit a wall. The scale seems to be stuck on one number, refusing to go any lower.

The phenomenon of a weight plateau is not new, although more attention is being paid to it in recent years. Instead of being written off as “all in your head,” fitness experts are taking a hard look at the weight loss plateau and what to do about it. Read on for five top strategies to help jump start your break through success.

Create the Reality

Visualization is an extremely powerful and potent tool – and it’s free! Our minds – and, therefore, our thoughts – hold sway over way more of our lives than we realize. What we think, we literally create – and the same holds true for your break through success.

A huge part of successful weight loss is seeing it happen. Do this vividly and as often as you think of it – at least three times a day. See yourself wearing that new bikini, little black dress or pair of skinny jeans. Really see it. Visualize every aspect of the day you look at a size tag and see a lower number. If it helps, write this visualization down and refer to it frequently. When you think of this scenario, use only positive and present-tense language. This is tricking your subconscious mind into thinking you’ve already lost the weight. Once the subconscious believes something, it takes steps toward that reality.

While this may sound too easy to be true, it’s actually based on ancient teachings. What have you got to lose?

Understand Your Obstacles

Every dieter is different, and that means that every weight loss plateau has to be treated individually. To create your break through success, it’s key to identify areas where you tend to slack off. Do you eat at a certain time of day, or while performing a certain activity? Do you tend avoid workouts when it’s rainy outside? Whatever your downfall, there’s a way to overcome it. If you snack late at night, be sure there are healthy snacks waiting for you in the refrigerator. If you don’t like the rain, invest in treadmill or try walking around the local mall. There are no excuses.


Cut Calories a Bit More

While nobody should be living on a starvation-level calorie intake, cutting just 100 to 200 calories per day is enough for many people to reach their break through success and blast their weight loss plateau. Do this however is best for you – just don’t use low-fat, sugar-free “fake” foods to reach your goal. Instead, try slightly smaller portion, different condiments or a different afternoon snack.

Increase Your Cardio

Aerobic exercise is great for blasting fat, and when it’s the short-burst, intense variety, it’s even better. Try a few sets of sprints each day (check with a doctor first) to blast through that wall.


Track Your Steps

Every little step adds up, and wearing a pedometer (step counter) can really help motivate you to be more active in everyday life. Put it on first thing in the morning and do a little dance while you brush your teeth! Anything helps, and there’s really no such thing as being too active.


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