5 Deadly Signs She’s Not That Into You

5 Deadly Signs She’s Not That Into You

Everybody, at some point in time, has been blown off or dumped by somebody they liked a lot or even loved. Sometimes it's obvious – broken dates and seeing other guys are pretty blatant signs that she's just not interested. Sometimes, however, the signs are more subtle. Read on for 5 of the most common signs that she's just not that into you. Knowing these signs can help you avoid heartbreak by ending a relationship before things get out of hand.

She Avoids Contact and Closeness

One of the surest signs of interest is touching and physical proximity. She will lean in when you talk, find reasons to touch you, and stand close to you. The opposite is just as true – if she's not interested, she'll subconsciously distance herself. You may notice her pull away when you hug her, or duck your kisses. She may also stand at a casual distance – the distance she would stand from a friend or acquaintance. Avoiding eye contact is another big clue. If you spot these signs with no obvious reason, it may be time to cut ties.

You're Always the One to Call or Text

If you find yourself always making the first call or sending the first text, it may be a sign that things aren't going the way you'd like. When a girl is into you, you're on her mind. She will usually try to hang back a little (playing hard to get), but she'll still call you and text you at least occasionally. If you're constantly calling, texting and – even worse – having your communications ignored, it's a fairly reliable sign that she's not that interested.

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Keep in mind, however, that some people simply don't like to talk on the phone or text – they prefer to communicate in person. If this is your girl's style, don't worry. If, however, she gabs on the phone nonstop to her friends and texts other people while you're out together, it's definitely a sign that you're not number one in her mind.

She's “Not Looking for a Relationship”

Guys and girls have used this excuse practically since the beginning of time. It's a nice, non-committal way of saying “thanks – but no thanks.” You've probably used it yourself. It can be confusing, because sometimes it's absolutely true. However, if the girl you're into tells you this, take her at her word. Whether she truly isn't looking for anything serious or just doesn't want to get serious with you, stop wasting your time.

She is Vague About Plans or Breaks Dates

Is she ridiculously hard to pin down when it comes to going out together? Do your requests for time together routinely get answered with blasé vagueness? Lines like “Sure...sometime,” or “Oh that could be fun...let me get back you,” are the foundations of a relationship not worth fighting for. The same rule applies to girls who routinely make concrete plans with you, then bail at the last minute. You could be her back-up plan in case nothing better comes along. She could find her friends more interesting – or another guy. Whatever the reason, girls who do this don't even respect you as a friend, let alone think of you as more than a friend. Walk away.

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She Sets You Up with Other Girls

This sounds obvious, but many guys practice wishful thinking by telling themselves that this is a childish jealousy tactic. They imagine that the girl they want is setting them up with other girls as some sort of test. If any of this sounds familiar, it's time to cut your losses. A girl who's truly into you would never dream of setting you up with other females. In most cases, this means that you've arrived in the dreaded friend-zone. Your crush sees you as a buddy, a pal -  but not dating material. While you can work your way out of the friend-zone, it usually happens organically. Pushing can make things between you extremely awkward. Suck it up, let it go, and hey, try dating the girls she sets you up with – you might be pleasantly surprised!


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