Regardless of which level of management you’re at currently, there are probably people on your team who have issues with self confidence. While sometimes these issues are easy to spot, you’d be surprised – some of most social, funny and outgoing people also struggle. The following activities are designed for building confidence and enhancing self image within the workplace. This will cultivate a team which is not only more confident, but more bonded with each other.

Sponsored Volunteering

Group volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, and it’s very easy to set up. Pick a local charity, or let employees pick their own. For each day or hour they devote to charity, choose a reward. This could be a day of casual dress, a paid day off or just an extra coffee break, depending on the size of your business budget. This is a great confidence building activity, as studies have shown that people who volunteer tend to feel better about themselves in general. If you choose the charities, be sure to keep things fair by keeping in mind your employees’ physical limitations. If possible, try to organize a group day of volunteering each month or every few months as a way to build confidence and team spirit at the same time.


Praise After Failure

This activity should always be done in private, usually in the form of a casual meeting behind closed doors. The opportunities to perform this activity will hopefully be small, but it can be invaluable when applied.

Now and then, even the best employees fail or make a big mistake. Next time one of your employees messes up, take them aside. This is a crucial time for building confidence and team loyalty. The employee will be expecting to be reprimanded, and, of course, some mistakes require consequences. Your meeting, however, will be all about praise. While acknowledging the failure, remind your employee of all their standout qualities and their prior record of success. Let them know that you haven’t lost faith in them, and that you’re happy to have them in your company. These small gestures will mean the world to an employee who’s nervous about keeping their job in the first place.

Teach Each Other

This activity is excellent for teaching employees how to be confident, and for building confidence in less self-assured workers. Set aside an hour and ask every employee to pick some aspect of their job at which they feel they’re truly great. As best you can, match up pairs whose weaknesses and strengths match up. Have each worker conduct a small training session (every employee needs to take a turn as a teacher and student). Not only does this let each worker shine, but it can help overall productivity by helping other workers learn new skills.


Increase Authority

While it’s not possible – or even advisable – in every situation, there are usually ways to slightly increase a worker’s level of authority. This can work wonders in enhancing confidence, as the more we feel we’re good at, the better we tend to feel about ourselves. Be sure to keep the increases small and manageable, and to offer new opportunities whenever possible. In addition, don’t forget to hand out the praise for a job well done!

Hand Out Tasks Responsibly

This is another activity which should take place one-on-one. Take each worker aside and ask if they’ve been feeling overwhelmed with work lately – in today’s economy, this is an extremely common feeling. If they say yes, ask them how much work they feel that they can complete to the best of their ability each day, week or month. Next, stick to that amount for a while, letting them get things done on time, and done well. This will build confidence, and soon they’ll be asking for more responsibility!


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