For many years, it was believed by most exercise experts that long, slow forms of exercise were the key to burning fat. Shorter bursts weren’t really recognized for their benefits, except among athletes. Thankfully, this has all changed! Short-burst activity is now recognized as a great fast fat loss tool, letting you lose weight fast while sculpting your entire body. Read on for some of the best – and easiest – short-burst workouts available.


Uphill Sprints

Forget about jogging to work every day – while you’ll be doing good things for your body, you simply won’t get fast fat loss you crave. Instead, try sprinting. Sprinting is simply a short, high-intensity run. The length of your sprints will lengthen as you train, especially if you’re currently sedentary.

Sprinting uphill may sound like torture, but it’s actually one of the best ways to prevent a pulled hamstring – one of the most common sprinting injuries. Find a gentle slope near your home, or set a treadmill at the fitness center. Go as fast as you can – the tilt will naturally slow you down and open up your hips, both of which help prevent injury.

If you can’t find a hill or an adjustable treadmill, use the track at nearby school or college. This makes it easy to time your sprints – jog around each curve, then go full-bore down the straight parts of the track.

Jump Lunges

Regular lunges are a valuable part of any stretching or strength training workout. They can also deliver fast fat loss when combined with a simple jump. Try starting out with three sets of ten lunges, switching legs with each lunge. Give a hop in between each one to maximize fat loss.


Push Ups

Unlike sit-ups, which are widely recognized as less effective than once thought, pushups are a fantastic way to lose weight fast while building muscle at the same time. Start at your appropriate fitness level. If a traditional push up feels too difficult, try placing your knees on the ground. If it feels too easy, try jumping pushups or keeping one leg elevated behind you.

Weight Training + Jumping Jacks

If you already lift weights, you’re well on your way to fast fat loss. Combining strength training with intense cardio is believed by many to be the quickest way to lose weight. Simply insert a few sets of jumping jacks in between your regular strength exercises. Cardio doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective!


Lateral Jumps

Once only known to professional runners, lateral jumps are an excellent way to blast fat, tone your lower body and help prevent running injuries, all at the same time. You can find helpful diagrams and videos online, but a lateral jump is essential what it sounds like. Beginning on one foot, you’ll hop to the side, resting your weight for only a moment before pushing off again.

Your Bottom Line

As you can see, a combination of strength training and short-burst cardio is the route to blasting fat while sculpting your entire body. Remember to take on only exercises at your level, and check with a doctor before beginning any new routine.


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