How we feel about ourselves has a great deal to do with how we function on a daily basis. Our social interactions, jobs, intimate relationships and friendships all rest on self esteem. Even our time spent alone is influenced! People with healthy levels of self esteem are healthier, happier and, in general, are more satisfied with their lives. If you’re interested in learning how to fix low self esteem, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for exercises which will help you do just that.


While you’ve probably heard of affirmations, you may not understand how they work. This is very common, and a big part of why people often claim that they don’t work. In reality, when used correctly, they can play a huge role in learning how to fix low self esteem, as well as learning how to build self esteem back up.

Affirmations are simple phrases. They are always phrased in the present tense: “I am” instead of “I will be.” They are always positive, containing no negative language whatsoever. Instead of “I won’t look down on myself,” use “I will view myself in a positive light.”

Affirmations can be found online, or you can write your own. If you’re working on learning how to fix low self esteem, it may be more helpful to seek out pre-written affirmations, since they will force you to say things about yourself which you may not believe just yet.

Say your affirmations out loud, and preferably in front of a mirror. Use a firm, strong tone – you must trick your subconscious into thinking that these statements are reality. Use this technique daily and with dedication, and you’ll soon see incredible changes in your self esteem and self worth!

Write It Down

As a supplemental exercise to help you learn how to fix low self esteem, you might try writing down all the things which you like about yourself. If you truly can’t think of any, ask friends, family and loved ones for what they would say are your best qualities.

Keep this list near your bed, and read it each night before you go to sleep. Try to see yourself the way others do – not through the negative lens you’ve unwittingly cultivated over the years. Chances are, you’ll learn that you have many more admirable qualities than you thought!


Take a Look in the Mirror

While your self esteem should always be based on inner qualities, one of the most common cause of low self esteem is a poor view of your own appearance. While you’re internally building up your self esteem, there’s nothing wrong with working a bit on the exterior as well. It can be something as simple as a haircut or as extravagant as a new wardrobe – let your budget and common sense be your guide.

As you can see, the steps toward a healthier sense of self esteem and self worth are not difficult ones. With a bit of dedication and belief that you’re worth the effort, you can create incredible changes that will spill over into every aspect of your life.


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