Everybody wants to be confident so that they can live their life to the fullest. It is important that you identify situations that make you shy. Once you have identified the trigger points, it is easier to take necessary steps to overcome shyness. In continuation to the last blog, lets look at different steps to overcome shyness.

Develop a positive body language

You will be surprised to know that body language plays an important role in developing self-confidence. Practice positive body language by sitting upright, walking straight and gracefully with your head held high. Practicing positive body language will boost up your confidence instantly. Positive body language reflects your attitude and exhibits confidence.

Generate interests and be interested

No one likes to be around a dull person. Keep yourself well aware of general issues so that you can cite your opinion when the situation demands. Be interested in what other people are saying to you. At the same time, interest them. Learn different ways of striking a conversation. This will help you in taking the lead and will also help you to retain control over the situation thus making you more confident. Use subtle humour to keep your audience engaged and you will be able to bring them into your comfort zone.

Take the first step

Try and take the first step in initiating a conversation. Start from a simple hello. Do not wait for the right time or the right situation. Remember, tomorrow never comes. So just make the first move without worrying about the result. Taking an initiative in a conversation will help you flow with the situation. Learn to smile more often. Your smile will attract people and you will be able to interact with them with ease.

Stop worrying

The natural instinct of shy people is to start worrying the moment somebody approaches them. They start looking for ways to evade the situation. The key to counter shyness is to do away with your worries about interacting with people. The moment you stop worrying, you will be able to interact naturally. It is important that you use affirmation to overcome shyness. Visualize yourself as a confident and pleasant individual and use affirmative sentences to overcome your shyness.

Slow but steady

Last of all, do not try to rush things. This will take time.  Take baby steps and do one thing at a time. Slowly but steadily, you will conquer your fears for good! It is a good idea to practice one step at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the situation around you. Do remember that overcoming shyness is a journey and you will need to set your milestones to achieve your ultimate goal.

Have faith in yourself and be positive about your journey to becoming a confident person. Positive attitude can take you a long way hence believe in your skills and love yourself.

10 Steps How To Overcome Shyness – Part 1


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