Shyness is nothing but a feeling of nervousness or awkwardness when you are around people.  Many people find it difficult to face strangers. They might shy away if they are asked to speak in front of a crowd. It doesn’t matter who you are, at some point we all get this feeling. Overcoming shyness doesn’t happen overnight, but with the following tips you will be able to break your shell and move in the direction of being more confident:

Know the reason

Start by questioning yourself about the reason behind being shy. What are the situations that precipitate this feeling? Nobody is shy throughout, shyness emerges only in certain situations. It is important that you identify these situations so that you can start working towards overcoming your shyness.  It is a good idea to make a list of situations that tend to trigger your shyness.

No one is judging you

Most of the time, we behave in a certain way or try to cut off from certain situations because we fear about what people will say or think. Fear of being judged prevents us from being our true self. Relax. No one is judging you, give your idea, speak your mind, and dance like no one is watching. Remember, no one is perfect, not even those with whom you are dealing with. The moment you stop thinking that you are being judged, you will be able to open up to people.

Identify your strengths

Recognize your assets, focus on what you are good at. This will boost your confidence and make you believe in your worth. Your strengths and qualities everyday will help you to realize your worth.

Work on your shortcomings

No one is perfect. We all lack in one thing or another. The key is to work on our weaknesses and make them vanish over period of time. Taking charge of yourself gives you a sense of control over your life, which in turn, translates into more confidence. It is important that you acknowledge your drawbacks and start working towards becoming a better individual.


Try and create real life situations that make you nervous or shy. Practice in front of mirror as how you will behave in them. Keep on practicing till the situation and response becomes clear in your mind. You probably feel shy when somebody who you like approaches you. To overcome shyness, you can visualize this situation and prepare your response. Now keep practicing your response till you are super confident confronting the situation. This exercise will not only help you in preparing for those situations but it will also give you ample of confidence to face those situations.

You cannot overcome your shyness overnight; you need to work consistently towards overcoming it. Practicing the above mentioned steps consciously can help you to overcome shyness and become a more confident person.

10 Steps How To Overcome Shyness – Part 2


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